Bognor Regis Social Meetups

Group meetups for coffee & chat, many years for friendship
Beat isolation & loneliness, through meetups etc:
We are a group of friendly people sharing & caring.

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Bognor Regis Social Meetups.

Update Tuesday 21st September 2021.
Met for coffee today at the Hotham Park Cafe in Bognor Regis, had coffee, chat and sausage sandwiches which went down well.
Whilst this group was mirrored on our original 'Bognor Coffee Cameriast site' and we do have a few members, it is early days yet to decide if a website like this can help attract new members though that is an idea for BRSM group.
The problem is the members are friends, would it spoil the group if we got a ton of members to join up, I was thinking the last few days of writing up FaceBook guidelines for groups and using those for future reference, maybe this will stop the disrespect towards any of our admins etc. We mainly meet up in outdoor places in Bognor Regis.
During the harsh treatment by certain now banned persons, I decided to test out the use of a website to help fill a FaceBook group, it seems to work on other groups for gaming and other entertainment ideas such as dance & music in Bognor Regis,.
I'm prefer to meet outside places in Bognor Regis, like Hotham Park Cafe and am looking at West Marine Park as there is a coffee shop there too, I'm trying to avoid places which are indoors and too close as some of our members prefer that.
I will leave this update right here, mornings & evenings are getting darker, I guess winter is closing in so we will have less chance to venture out so might see if I can arrange some room video sessions for the members.
Stay safe & Best regards to all members.

Quick update. Sunday morning 15.08.2021. Due to a poll that resulted in a pointer sub-website not being used for GBS I am pointing a new sub-website to BRSM. I am not going to link this to GBS for now, this will make a good test site and I can try ideas out here. The main idea is to meet up for coffee mainly from Hotham Park, several people have helped me and hopefully this may have other uses. I will go through them later, with a website a lot more can be down than from a Facebook Group although there are some pretty handy tools & features built into them. I will go through why a website can help a FB Group and test that out but mainly the website will be a pointer to this site and, where I pledged to promote any GBS member from a website I cant now, so I will be helping local causes hopefully. I will leave that there for now, on the website is a visitor counter and we can see how many click through to here, I expect we will get a trickle for now and depending on what I write into the website will depend on how many if anyone joining here. This experimental project might just flop or might attract a few new visitors. I will also be looking to link to a few resources, maybe we can do some good, maybe we can help a few people and I hope you will all enjoy meeting, chatting & sharing. Best regards.

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We have Group meetups for coffee & chat.
If your new to Bognor, moving in or have time on your hands...
Feel free to join & chat, maybe make friends.

Feel free to join if you are in Bognor
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Bognor Regis Social Meetups.
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